Product Information Management (PIM)

Create clarity out of your product data chaos.

Wrangle your product data and take control of your product story.

If your product data information is scattered across various systems with inconsistent nomenclature and informal taxonomies, then you know the pain of dealing with the effects of inefficient data collection. But even more importantly, inaccurate data can result in costly charge backs, increased returns, and missed sales – severely affecting your bottom line.

We can help you build a better customer experience with accurate, consistent product data.

Not only does managed product data benefit your business financially as it efficiently delivers consistent data to all channels, it also creates a more compelling experience as customers encounter your brand in the real world. Aware can implement and integrate your PIM platform to provide a centralized solution for media-independent management, refinement, and enrichment of your product data. This means Aware can help you get to market faster, be more consistent with your message, and enjoy increased conversions.

PIM Partners

01. Pim


inRiver PIM is the foundation for e-commerce success in an omnichannel world. Selling across geographies, with different currencies, and languages with thousands of SKUs? It’s time for inRiver.

02. Pim


EnterWorks offers a comprehensive solution that aggregates and manages product content across all business applications, providing a 360-degree solution for the on-boarding, cleansing, synchronization and publication of product data.

03. Pim

Stibo Systems

Acquire, manage and share product data across your enterprise to feed consistent, accurate and timely information to systems, people and trading partners.

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