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Sitecore vs SharePoint

Jason Hedlund
Jason Hedlund

When evaluating web content management systems to manage public facing websites or secure customer extranets, organizations who already have SharePoint operating as their Intranet with dedicated resources on staff often feel there are compelling reasons for utilizing their existing platform to fulfill their CMS needs as well.

While many organizations have successfully deployed public facing websites on SharePoint, when it comes to engaging with your customers and gaining visibility into their visits on your website the Sitecore solution goes beyond what SharePoint has to offer.

For Microsoft-centric enterprises that seek a .Net CMS to directly complement SharePoint, Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is an excellent fit. Sitecore’s CEP has all of the basic content management features that align with SharePoint’s content management features including content editing, content versioning, and the true separation of content from presentation, workflow, media management, API accessibility, and more. Beyond the basics Sitecore’s CEP offers the capability to tailor user experience and establish purposeful engagement.

There are 7 key differentiators that we feel make Sitecore CEP a better fit for consumer facing websites than SharePoint:

  1. Implicit and explicit content personalization
  2. Built-in multivariate testing so no third party integration is needed
  3. Analytics help you understand how users are interacting with your site and how you can better engage with them
  4. SEO-friendly URL’s
  5. Default mobile and tablet support
  6. Back office integration
  7. Clean HTML ensures that what you put in is what you get out

SharePoint will allow your organization to scrape the surface of what the web can do for your company, however Sitecore’s CEP gives you the ability to manage the entire customer experience. With the power to engage and create valuable experiences with Sitecore’s CEP you will drive brand loyalty and your business to new levels.

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