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Septemberfest 2014

Brookley Wofford
Brookley Wofford
Fall is upon us, and at Aware there is only one way to welcome the changing of the seasons –Septemberfest!

For the craft brew and wine connoisseurs at Aware, the annual Septemberfest party has quickly become one of the most anticipated events of the year. And this year’s experience definitely lived up to the 364 days of hype that ensued post Septemberfest 2013.

Last week Aware’s Chairman and CEO, Jeremy Ziegler, hosted employees and their families for an evening of tasting brews and wines crafted by some of our very own. The excellent fall setting paired with a delicious assortment of gourmet pizzas from Hello Pizza put a smile on everyone’s face. Other highlights included a few bean bag toss showdowns, Dairy Queen ice cream cakes for both the peanut butter and chocolate lovers, fireside chats and (as always) the exchanging of humorous stories late into the evening. Take a look at the tasting lineup below and browse our photos for a better glimpse of Septemberfest 2014.

Craft Brew List:

Ben Golden
“The Bicycle Thief” – White IPA

Todd Johnson
“Lazy Boy Pale Ale” – American Pale Ale

Nathan Leach
“Lemon-Coriander Wheat” – American Wheat Ale

Doug Yoder's Star Drive Brewery

“Tritium” – Belgian Tripel
“Red Giant” – Hard Apple Cider

Wine List:
Jamie Holzer
Coastal Red
Sauvignon Blanc
“Skeeter Pee” – Lemon

Craft brews are ready to go – let the tasting begin!

Nathan opted to start with the Tritium home brew by Star Drive Brewery.

Well, “hello pizza!”

Tara and her son enjoying the evening and a few laughs.

John gave his approval to Jake and Jamie (the vintners).

Nate recently welcomed 2 beautiful twin girls into his family, and this little one was happy to steal the scene while her sister slept!

The fall weather made for the perfect backyard setting.

It looks like pizza does build strong muscles!

Doug making sure the kegs remained up to speed throughout the evening.

Cheers to another fun-filled Septemberfest!

Trevor Olson, President & CEO of Aware, thanked guests and invited everyone to enjoy dessert as we wrapped up the evening.

However, as with all Septemberfest traditions, the fireside chats and sharing of slightly embarrassing stories went on a bit longer!

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