What’s the ROI on Product Information Management (PIM)?

Trevor Olson
Trevor Olson

As manufacturers are attempting to syndicate their product data to more retailers to gain market share, the necessity of a PIM tool is becoming more prominent while the value story for PIM is quite hazy.

The FIRST question we get when introducing PIM to an organization is “Tell me about what kind of return this investment will get us? Help me prove the business case for this solution.”

The answer isn’t so simple. We’ve spent the last 4+ years speaking with countless numbers of executives from manufacturers, distributors and retailers on this very topic. What we’ve discovered has proven itself time and time again. Understanding the 4 PIM value statements in depth is crucial to defining and funding your PIM project.

To help the ecommerce community better understand the complexities of PIM’s ROI, Aware’s own Dan O’Connor wrote “The PIM ROI Story.” This 14 page ebook was created to help you not only decide if your business needs a PIM, but also how to define your PIM ROI story in order to avoid getting caught up in the haziness of demonstrating ROI of a PIM project.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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