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Selecting the Best CMS Today - 5 Key Takeaways from the Online Marketing Summit [Video Interview]

Trevor Olson
Trevor Olson

Aware’s own Jeremy Ziegler (Chairman/CEO) and Deb Francis (VP of Client Engagement) recently presented at the Online Marketing Summit. Here are five key takeaways in case you missed it.

1. Platform Matters. 

When evaluating CMS solutions, platform matters. You’ll thank yourself latter when the programming language you chose works well with your other backend systems like ERP/CRM etc. Take the time to make sure IT has a seat at the table to ensure everything will be able to talk to one another down the road.

2. Understand what motivates the software company behind each CMS solution you’re evaluating.

Hands down… the best question you can ask a CMS software vendor is, “What percentage of your revenue is driven from software sales vs. professional services?”  The answer will tell you a lot about where their focus is.  Is it on constant improvement of their software?  Or are they distracted by the business of implementing their own software for clients?  ... two very different disciplines. 

3. Evaluate beyond CMS capabilities.

Look for solutions that provide more than just content management. Newer tools can evolve more quickly to keep up with the latest trends on the web. These modern tools will likely have robust capabilities around web-to-lead marketing automation to take you beyond simple traffic volume reporting of your website.

4. Pay extra attention to CRM integration.

Web-to-lead marketing automation is huge.  Aware is seeing a dramatic movement toward integrating CMS with CRM tools.  Doing so properly for your business could be a big game changer regardless whether you’re B2B or B2C.  Web conversation is changing rapidly from simple web contact forms to full integration between CMS and CRM. 

5. Sitecore gets it.

For the organizations that lean towards a Microsoft and .NET stack of tools, Sitecore is currently the most progressive .NET CMS in advancing this web-to-lead concept and the optimization of the conversion points in your marketing process.

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