Understanding Product Information Management (PIM) for My Business

How to plan and prepare for a successful PIM implementation.

The process of integrating a Product Information Management (PIM) system into your business ecosystem may seem daunting.

Where do you begin? How do you ensure this is a success?

Issues around data governance, product data management, and repurposing product data for marketing can all be addressed with the right PIM, thoughtful design, and creative integrations. Taking the time for a careful analysis of your business environment will help ensure you achieve full value from your PIM implementation.

What you'll learn:

This white paper will walk you through how to plan and prepare for a successful PIM implementation.

  • What questions will your implementation team / agency ask before starting the project?
  • What is the primary reason behind these questions and how can you best prepare to address them
  • How can you prepare yourself and your internal team to kick off your PIM product effectively?
  • What are the 4 tasks every business should perform BEFORE starting a PIM implementation?

Download White Paper

Download this white paper to learn how to plan and prepare for a successful PIM implementation. 

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